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OK what do you want from the year about to start? What could you make happen in 2014 that has not already happened in your life?
“Choice, not chance determines destiny”
Whatever you decide that you’re going to aim for in 2014, you are going to have to change what you presently do. Are you prepared to change what you do? Are you willing to give up sugar in your diet? Are you willing to get up at 4.30am every day? Are you willing to do something towards your goal every day …

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I know lots of people who struggle to fit everything into their busy lives. We all have responsibilities, work, family and social. In fact fitting things in becomes another source of stress. If finding time to fit in what you love doing is causing stress, it might be time to step back and sort out what your priorities are.
If we set the alarm really early to go on holidays, it’s no trouble to get up. If we set it at the same time to get up early and catch up …

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[7 Aug 2013 | 4 Comments | ]

  Today I was out riding up a mountain in training, it was a beautiful spring day. The calendar doesn’t say spring just yet but it was spring today. Controlling the random thoughts which go through your head while out doing long training rides is good practice for race day.
We feel something everytime we allow a passing thought to stick for a moment. Now many of those thoughts are harmless enough, but some are going to make us feel uncomfortable, weaker or even defeated. If we have hundreds of thoughts …

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All too often athletes approach their preparation to a race as a purely physical venture. This approach leads to disappointment far more often than it does to success.
The type of events which we target, involve a total fitness of mind, body and spirit. You can’t just load the body up with more and more stress expecting it to adapt. There has to be a careful balance of stress and recovery. Each athlete has a different tolerance to workload.
A very common mistake is to neglect recovery, both nutritionally and the amount …

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[21 Feb 2011 | No Comment | ]

Lets face it, we’re triathletes, we’re not cyclists. Cyclists are completely different athletes with very different needs and talents. Some good cyclists have become good triathletes but the transition is not an easy one.
Most of the athletes I deal with are interested in half and full Ironman events. In each case the bike leg is a time trial. The physiological requirements for a triathlon time trial are very different to those for a cycling road race. In a road race, part of the game is to actually put yourself on …