My own Journey

My own first triathlon was in late 84, it was a 500-15-5 event and I hurt seriously. At the presentations a friend pointed out a guy who had just done the Hawaii Ironman, I asked what’s that? When he told me, I couldn’t believe a human could do such a thing. My words were “you’d have to be a freak or something, to do that”.

He had planted a seed in my mind. In ’85 on a trip to the states we stopped in Hawaii and watched the Ironman, I was hooked.

In ’86, I entered Hawaii, the last year you could enter without qualifying. I finished the race a beaten man. I did 13.50 with a 6.50 bike and a 5.50 run. I came home convinced, I was not suited for long distance races.

It was ’90 before I had another go at an Ironman, Forster beat me as well 11.56, people who I could beat by 20min in an Olympic distance race, beat me by 30min.

I limped away from my second Ironman detirmined to find the answer. I thought all those people in front of me had talent and I had sadly missed out.

The more I learned, the more I trained, the more talent I uncovered. By age 46 I had reduced my Forster Ironman time to 9.56 and by age 51 in ’99, I had reduced my Hawaii Ironman time to 10.20.

It’s amazing how much talent you can uncover when you train well.

If I hadn’t made the journey I have, I wouldn’t be equiped as well to help others.

I have been coaching for about fifteen years, in that time I have coached hundreds of athletes of all abilities to successful Ironman races. Over forty of them have raced in Hawaii. I have now raced 30 Ironman races myself including 11 Hawaii Ironmans. I have placed in my category in Hawaii three times but I have not yet won, so the journey continues.

I have no trouble coaching others and competing myself, in fact one year an athlete who I was coaching in the same category placed 3rd in Hawaii, that year I was 6th. He did what I told him, I didn’t get it all done. It was about that time, I hired a coach to help me do what I had to do.

I have a squad based in Brisbane at the Yeronga pool, I coach athletes on-line as well and conduct regular training clinics.

I usually get best results in the second season when I have learned more about the athlete, how he/she performs under pressure, his/her strengths and weaknesses. I believe a coach needs to know and understand what makes an athlete “tick”

Ironman racing is 70% mental, once the training is done.  

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