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[7 Dec 2012 | No Comment | ]

Since competing in Hawaii eight weeks ago I have visited my doctor for blood tests to make sure all my levels are good. We tested four weeks after the Ironman and some levels were low. We tested again eight weeks after and everything has returned to normal levels. While chatting to the doctor about sport etc, he’s a masters athlete himself. He suggested I look up the studies done on Transcendental Meditation. I thought it worth sharing. I’ve dabbled in meditation for twenty years and often describe our long races as moving …

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[2 Jul 2008 | No Comment | ]

The recipes below are from our Cycos cooking day where I introduced some simple nutritious recipes to the guys, showing them that all of these dishes can be cooked at the same time on a Saturday afternoon in three hours by one person, cleaning up all of the mess as he goes.
There’s enough food here for a couple to store and reheat( a much better alternative for an athlete than take-out meals)
While it’s easily possible to create fancier meals, the object is to demonstrate simple nutritious meals don’t take …

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[11 Jun 2008 | One Comment | ]

Vegetables – 60-70% of your diet should be vegetables – fresh, steamed, stir fried
The best way to get the carbs in your diet necessary for energy to train well is through vegetables. Not only are they supplying the carbs, they supply you with fibre (really important for health of the digestive system),  vitamins and minerals (vit/min supplements are only to fill the gaps in the diet, most of our needs should come from veges)
Protein – training and working breaks down muscle tissue, protein supplies the raw materials to rebuild it. …

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[22 Apr 2008 | No Comment | ]

I have just made a great snack for myself. When I sit in my office all day I often get nibly. Just need something to snack on. Try this for a snack with your well earned glass of red wine in the evening. It won’t spoil your dinner and it’ll provide some valuable nutrients.
Heat a heavy bottom large saucepan with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin oil till hot (don’t let it smoke) drop in a small cup of organic popping corn. Let it pop for 5min or until it stops …

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[17 Apr 2008 | No Comment | ]

Very often as an athlete gets close to an event, his/her immune system is struggling to keep on top of the bugs that try to get hold of us in the last few weeks.
In a perfect world athletes get to take a nap each day, take nutritional supplements, have a fabuous diet with lots of fresh fruit and veges. Their training is structured to stress them just enough to bring about the improvements they’re seeking. Unfortunately most of us have jobs and families which add to our workload. We often …

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[14 Apr 2008 | No Comment | ]

If you’re forgetful, a bit dizzy in the head this week you’re not on your own. When I had my bike shop every year when I returned from Hawaii my landlord had to ring me to remind me about the rent. When I had my best races, it would take a week or two before my mind became sharp again.

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[25 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

“The Female Brain” by Louann Brizendine (bantam books)
I picked up my copy at the Auckland airport. I never know which book I’m going to buy. I just browse around and the “right one jumps out at me”.
I thought if I can understand them better I can coach them better. But results tell me I’m doing OK. I’ve had more women on the stage in Hawaii than men.
This book is one of those entertaining and enlightening ones that come along every now and then. It gives an insight into the mysterious workings …

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[18 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

Are you prepared to run your Ferrari on standard unleaded?
After you spend $5,000.00 and upwards for your bike. $500.00 or more for a wetsuit. $650.00 to enter the race. $1000.00 for accomodation. $300.00 for fuel to get there. $50.00 per week for supplements.
Are you going to risk drinking the local water in your last few days?
Not all bottled water is the same. A bit like the Castrol advert. Some are just like local tap water that’s been bottled.
Mt Franklin, Peat’s Ridge and the “best buy Pure Spring Water” from Foodworks …

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[10 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]

Inner Health
A bottle of probiotics belongs in every athlete’s fridge.
Last year in Kona, Norman Stadler and Faris AlSultan both gave the reason for their failure to finish and failure to start the Hawaii Ironman as a “stomach bug”.
I recommend every athlete take a probiotic like Health World’s, Inner Health each day in the week ot two leading into a major race. Using it as an insurance policy against stomach upsets.
Anyone travelling to a foreign country should carry a probiotic, just in case.
There is a balance in our stomach between the …