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[3 Nov 2015 | No Comment | ]

I have found the year is divided into sections for our squad members – sections which when complete they re-set goals
Over the years the Gold Coast Marathon is one of those re-setting points – even people who didn’t do the marathon re-set their goals about that time.
The next re-set time seems to be the start of November, when Kona Ironman and Noose triathlon weekend are both over. The 1st of January is also a significant date for some.
For those of you who have just completed Kona or Noosa and are …

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[17 Oct 2015 | No Comment | ]

I have had a pretty good run of races, I guess that it’s inevitable that one of these days less things will go right and maybe a few more will go wrong. An Ironman race takes a long time, even for the winners, but as we get older it takes longer to do the same distance. Some may argue that we’re not going as hard as the leaders, but it’s all relevant. We’re going as fast as we can, if we could go faster we would.
Compared to some other sports, …

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[20 Apr 2015 | No Comment | ]

There are so many athletes out there training very hard, doing so many things right, but often not getting the results they deserve. I know in my early years in this sport I went down a few “dead ends”. Not a lot was known about Ironman training back then and a great deal of what we know now was learned by experimentation. The trouble with experimentation is that lots of the experiments don’t produce positive results.
I have helped hundreds of athletes reach their goals over more than 20yrs in the …

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[3 Apr 2015 | No Comment | ]

Athletes training in my squad are exposed to a fair bit of core strength work. When we do a two week boot camp we do a minimum of 500 reps of core work every morning at 4.30am – it’s become a bit of a tradition to start the day with 500 reps. One of the exercises which challenge the new comers most is the scissors. Lie on your back, fold your arms, lift your shoulders and legs off the ground, move the straight legs in a scissor like fashion. Start …

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[25 Mar 2015 | No Comment | ]

When training for an Ironman, the weekly long run is the most important workout of the week. In the actual race, your fortune is decided in the run. Mark Allen once said, “You swim and bike for show, and you run for the dough”. If we look at the results of any category in an Ironman race and the fastest five runs are generally the fastest five overall places.
It’s not uncommon for experienced Ironman competitors to run past other athletes who over shorter distances are better runners. One reason for …

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[4 Apr 2014 | No Comment | ]

Here we are with one month to go to IMOZ. It’s interesting to watch how the different athletes handle the pressure now that things are getting close.
First thing we must look at is, where the pressure comes from. We put it all on ourselves. If we’ve performed well in the past we’ve earned the pressure. If it’s our first time, or we’re coming off a pretty low recent result, we have no need for any pressure. The best Ironman races come from producing a ninety percent effort all day long.
The …

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[15 Mar 2014 | 4 Comments | ]

My mother had a fall while working in the garden about three weeks ago, I picked her up from the hospital next day and she was sitting in a wheelchair outside the doors. I thought I’d have to help her up into my truck, but she stood up and walked straight up the the truck, grabbed the handle above the door opening and pulled herself up into the seat. She showed me her doctors report.
She had a fractured seventh rib, a fractured radius bone in her wrist and a badly …

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[10 Feb 2014 | No Comment | ]

Those of us training for Ironman Australia at Port Macquarie on May 4th have 12 weeks to prepare. That’s three months, it’s a long time, it would be a long time to do something boring or tedious. What we’re doing is a great adventure, it’s “play” for us. So because we enjoy the whole process the time is going to slip by pretty fast.
In past years the weeks seem to drag past until we get to ten weeks to go, then they seem to drop real fast. We all have …

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[5 Dec 2013 | One Comment | ]

I have several athletes lining up to race the West Australian Ironman at Busselton next Sunday. They’re all in great shape, they’ve been setting PBs in all of their recent sessions. They’re so lean, most of them are looking like anatomy charts. At this stage of the game anything is possible. When an athlete arrives at the start line without illness or injury, having recently swam their fastest times, ridden their fastest ever 100km and 150km time trials, is running comfortably fast at lower heart rates than ever before, I …

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[26 Oct 2013 | 5 Comments | ]

I make so secret of it, I aim to win my category in Hawaii. When this is destined to happen, will be revealed in good time. I continue my journey.
This year, just two weeks ago I raced the Hawaii Ironman for the fifteenth time. The Thursday before the race as I assembled everything I needed for the race on the spare bed in my hotel room, I had begun the final mental preparation for my 2013 race. All year I had been focussed on this week. Laying out all the …