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[29 Mar 2019 | No Comment | ]

Every day we see young people, and some not so young trying so hard to be like someone else. There are so few originals out there. If we go through our list of people we have contact with in one day, how many of them are truly original, unique characters? Yet we’re all unique, but so many don’t realise it.
Not everyone’s going to be good at the same things. In our sport there are some people who are going to be outstanding. Nature has given them a gift for endurance …

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[26 Aug 2018 | No Comment | ]

The habit of dependability is built every day of your life. So when you enter a race, you don’t have to “hope for a good result”, your friends and supporters will be able to depend on you always producing a good result.
Race performance largely comes from attitude, mental control and having a clear, calm mind. When you have developed a dependable aura, not only your supporters will be expecting a good result, you’ll just know, that you’ll handle whatever comes up, when it comes up.
No-one ever developed a dependable aura …

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[7 Aug 2018 | No Comment | ]

If we look at the cars in the picture, one is designed to slip through the air with the least amount of drag. The other just busts a hole in the air to go through. Both vehicles are designed for different roles, but each one has to use a portion of it’s power to overcome drag caused by simply travelling through our atmosphere.
If we use the analogy of the two different shaped cars and apply it to athletes it’s most relevant in the swim and cycle portions of our race. …

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[24 Jul 2018 | No Comment | ]

Training is basically stressing the body enough so that when the stressful period is completed and the athlete refuels and rests, the body responds to the stress by rebuilding a little stronger. The stress can be an increase in distance covered which, when recovered from, will improve the athletes endurance, or ability to go further next time.
The stress applied to the body may be asking the athlete to go faster than before over a short distance, followed by a rest/recovery period. This is often called “speed work”. The best results …

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[15 May 2018 | No Comment | ]

Athletes who continue in their sport when they have achieved all one could dream of, but continue to perform at the highest level, obviously are not driven by money or fame alone. They have a deep love of what they do, and it’s not just the competition, it has to be a love of the whole process. The practice, the constant desire to improve technique, the pre competition rituals, the hard fought battles, all add up to the total experience.
Athletes like Roger Federer, Louis Hamilton, Valentino Rossi, who have been …

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[20 Feb 2018 | No Comment | ]

When I start a new athlete I always ask for a one month goal, a three month goal and a long term goal, one that gives them goosebumps just thinking about it. After a year or two of training we often start focusing on the long term one and neglect to focus on the steps along the way. The necessary stepping stones which will lead us to the end goal.
As we train along we often change the end goal, we set it higher as we gain more confidence by achieving …

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[12 Feb 2018 | No Comment | ]


Today we have twelve weeks to the Australian Ironman in Port Macquarie, we’ve all been training, we always train, but now at twelve weeks out we really need to turn up the flame. We’re already strong, by community standards we’re already extremely fit. What we have signed up for is going to test our preparation to the limits.
We’ve paid the entry fee, anyone not involved in the sport is amazed at the price we pay for the privilege of hurting ourselves all day. In fact most think we’re crazy, but …

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[11 Dec 2017 | One Comment | ]

Today one of my athletes asked my advice on which Ironman he should target for next season, Port Macquarie or Cairns. He pointed out that Port had 40 Kona qualifying spots, and Cairns had 80. He would stand a greater chance of qualifying in Cairns.
I agree, the chances are much greater in Cairns. But lets get serious, the people who take those qualifying spots are seriously committed. The way the qualifying spots for the World Ironman championship are divided up between the age groups, you have to be in the …

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[26 Oct 2017 | 3 Comments | ]

In 2005 these girls didn’t even dream about running down Alii Drive in Hawaii at the end of the Hawaiian Ironman, they didn’t even know what the Hawaii Ironman was. They were starting out, having a go at triathlon, really just seeing how far they could go. Both living in country areas, miles from the swimming pools we all enjoy in the cities. Rosie used to have to drive 90km twice a week just to get a swim. Nicky was not that much better off.
Step by step both gradually tried …

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[2 Oct 2017 | One Comment | ]

Yesterday Melbourne Storm won the NRL grand final, again. A result like that comes from talented players, a good coaching team, but most of all from a really strong club/team culture. There are players in that team who have no desire to ever play for another team. The key players and coaches nurture younger players to give their very best to the team. As a group, they love the club.
In our sport we occasionally see clubs in which the members are truly proud of their club colours, they’re proud to …