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[2 Oct 2017 | No Comment | ]

Yesterday Melbourne Storm won the NRL grand final, again. A result like that comes from talented players, a good coaching team, but most of all from a really strong club/team culture. There are players in that team who have no desire to ever play for another team. The key players and coaches nurture younger players to give their very best to the team. As a group, they love the club.
In our sport we occasionally see clubs in which the members are truly proud of their club colours, they’re proud to …

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[5 Sep 2017 | 3 Comments | ]

So many of us have heard others say, “You’re such an inspiration” . Little do they realise that while you’re out there inspiring, you’re having to lift yourself up by the bootlaces to just keep going at times. Whenever you’re feeling like the night was too short, or the next hill repeat is just too much, remember that you’re inspiring someone, somewhere.
Far too often we can be too harsh a judge on ourselves. One of our past Prime Ministers (and we’ve had plenty of them over the last 10-15yrs) said …

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[4 Apr 2017 | 3 Comments | ]

The thoughts which flash through our minds determine where we end up in life. Thousands of thoughts can flash through our minds in a day. Being able to filter these thoughts can drastically change the outcome of a work day, or a race.
An Ironman race is really just a big day of work, no matter how fast or slow you are the race is over at the end of the day. I’ve heard so many people agonise over “what other people are going to think of their time”. In reality …

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[19 Mar 2017 | 2 Comments | ]

We can actually predict the future, in fact we do it almost every day. What we expect to happen, what we obsess over happening, is very likely to actually happen. We set ourselves up for it.
It’s entirely up to us whether we picture a positive outcome or a negative one. The skill of visualising the desired outcome is something we need to be aware of, and practice in every training session. A good coach will be aware of the direction of your thoughts by the clues you give in every …

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[11 Aug 2016 | No Comment | ]

In recent years with the rise of social media and triathlon forum, chat sites, I’m amazed at the number of “experts” on Ironman triathlon that have come out of the woodwork. There are some, quite a few setting themselves up as coaches, and have never before either coached someone to an Ironman, or even had the “courage” (if that’s the right word) to even enter one, to see what it’s like.
Anyone who has raced an Ironman, and I say “raced” as opposed to dragging their sorry arse through one just …

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[27 Jul 2016 | No Comment | ]


We all remember our first love, it’s such an exciting time in our lives. There’s something so exciting about the first one that keeps us searching for that same feeling on into the future.
For a coach the first athlete we help to qualify for Hawaii is a special memory. Anyone who has qualified knows how hard it is to get there. Every year we seem to have to go faster in every age group to achieve it. Also anyone who has ever qualified knows how deep you have to dig. …

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[6 Jul 2016 | No Comment | ]


Winter is the time of year when we can creep forward, always gaining a little bit. You don’t have to kill yourself in training in the colder months to gain. They say summer’s races are won in winter. Every one of us is going to struggle a little bit getting out of bed, when it’s cold and dark outside. It’s the time of day when the strength of your goals is tested.
It’s times like this when our training partners, our mates, are our biggest asset. Having a commitment to meet …

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[10 May 2016 | No Comment | ]

I often talk to the other coaches while I’m watching the squad do the main set in the pool. Today’s conversation was around goals, commitment and the level of desire different athletes have. His swimmers mostly only have to focus for up to 2min in their events, but the focus has to be total. Point five of a percent off total focus and their day is over. Because their events are so short, and focus on detail is so important, they’re asked so often to give 100% in training efforts.
In …

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[25 Apr 2016 | No Comment | ]


When I start a new athlete on a training plan, one of the questions on my questionnaire is regarding goals. I want a short term goal, a mid term goal and a 3-5yrs goal. I also often ask athletes for a career goal, a relationship goal as well as their sporting goals. All of these things influence each other , you really can’t be direction-less in two thirds of your life and totally committed in the other third.
Balance is so very important in order to reach your total potential. Coach’s …

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[16 Feb 2016 | No Comment | ]

Stress kills people, stress robs people of their quality of life. We all know people who are always running late, always rushing to meet deadlines. We all know students who leave their assignments until the last days when they’ve squandered lots of time over the past couple of weeks. Then they work on it all night to try and reach the deadline.
Deadlines, and the pressure to reach them can kill you. It won’t kill you right away but it will gradually age you prematurely and strangle the life out of …