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Corked thigh

11 December 2016 No Comment

Today we were doing one of our regular bike time trials out at Walloon (about 45min west of Brisbane). It’s a fairly quiet area at that time on a Sunday morning. We ride from one town to the next town for roughly 16km loops.

Today I was having a good day, my mind was on the job and I was chasing my mates. It’s the sort of course where if your mind is not on the job, it can become a real grind. Today I was on.

On my fourth loop I was hot on the heels (about 200m off) one of the guys and had been gradually taking small amounts of time off him at each turn. Good fun for both of us.

On a straight stretch of road with no oncoming traffic, all of a sudden a car came up really close beside me with the driver yelling something and waving his arm about. I looked at him in disbelief, wondering what he was on about.

He then cut right across in front of me, blocking my path and slammed his brakes on. By this stage I was only doing maybe 15-20kph. I had nowhere to go and ran into the back of his car. This threw me up onto the rear of his car and off the left side into a ditch about a metre deep.

He then jumped out and started yelling at me telling me I had swerved in front of him. I lay there stunned by what was happening. He  jumped into his car screaming abuse and sped off.

I got myself together straightened my handlebars and memorised his number plate. I walked/limped across the road to a house to ask for a pen to write it down before I forgot it. The lady took me in and helped me wash the gravel rash on my arm.

Basically the only injuries was gravel rash to my right arm and a corked thigh. The gravel rash was only superficial, but the thigh was almost impossible to walk on. I mounted up and slowly rode the last seven km back to the base.

When I got back I was told our maniac had stopped and threatened Angela, our time keeper with a tomahawk, while screaming abuse and threatening to chop the legs off all cyclists. Fortunately one of the guys who had just finished his ride was there and the backed down and sped off.

The police came in 10-15min and took our statements, they looked up his number plate and we saw the report over the officer’s shoulder said “person of interest”. He had to be on “ice” or something like that to be so angry over nothing.

For me the gravel rash will heal pretty quickly, I have no broken bones etc, but the corked thigh is so immobilising, I can hardly walk, and climb stairs is comical. At least I didn’t get my legs cut off. I’d say by now the police have caught up with him to get his side of the story.


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