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26 August 2007 No Comment

Race photos can tell us so much.

Looking through the photo collection from the Yeppoon half Ironman last weekend has given me lots to work on with myself and other athletes in the squad.

When I look at race photos, first thing I look for is core stability. You can’t hide lack of core strength when you’re racing. The dropped hip, the knee bending out under load.

Next thing I look for is stride length and foot placement/heel strike. It’s really easy to point out bad runing technique when the photo has stopped the action for us. Much can be learned and direction given to the plan for continued improvement.

The posture displayed when standing around casually can reveal bad habits sneaking in. Standing with most of the body weight on one leg, a pelvis rolled forward, knees locked back, all signs of poor core stability.

Then there’s “the beer gut”, it never looks as bad when you look down on it from above. In fact in the owners eyes, it’s never as bad as it looks in photos. I do have a couple of kilos to shed before Busselton.

We all look at a group photo and single out the image of ourselves. We’re often the most critical of ourselves. Who are we kidding, who do we think we look like. Our favourite movie star. The camera doesn’t lie. What you see is what you are, learn to like what you are, all the people who like you, see what you’re seeing now. They still like you.

After examining posture and technique with a view to improving these items, move on to enjoying the fun side of the sport. Enjoy the images of your mates going hard, check out the way the better performers are so serious and focussed. For winners, it’s serious business.

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