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Coach’s comments post Yeppoon

22 August 2007 No Comment

Last Sunday before the swim start at Yeppoon I swam out to the first buoy as part of my warm up. Greg Kelly did as well. Each of us swam out far enough and stopped for 30sec to see how the current was running. It was sweeping across from right to left strong enough to move us 10metres in 30sec. We knew to swim out aiming about 40m upstream from the buoy so when we got there we’d be swept across and go right round smoothly.

Ten minutes later the “pro wave” started. Fifty percent of them swam straight at the buoy, by time they got there, they were downstream from the buoy and had to swim back up and around it. Losing metres to the smarter athletes who “read the conditions”. They say “experience is what you get, just after you needed it”.

How often do we need to “learn the same lesson a second time”? Just after the “pros wave” the next group took off, fifty percent of them made the same mistake????

Many of us are so wound up and tense before an important race, we often make silly mistakes. Forgetting shoes, drink bottles, HR monitor straps and all sorts of things.

Learning to calm ourselves is as important a skill as changing a tyre. In fact if you ever need to change a tyre in a race, the ability to calm yourself can save your whole race. I’ve seen athletes “blow” a race because of a flat tyre. I’ve seen it cost someone 45-60min in total time, when the actual tyre change should only have taken 5min.

Triathlon racing is not just about swimming, biking and running. We Have to aim to be the total athlete.

* The strategist
* The mechanic
* The zen master
* The observer
* The nutritionalist

There is no reason an age group athlete should have a less than professional approach to their sport. We look around the transition area at the dollar value invested in equipment and wonder why the same attention to detail is not applied to every part of the venture.

For professional athletes to overlook important details is simply “not professional”.

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