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The finish line


When I was seventeen I was always looking forward to Friday afternoon, the weekend. Looking forward to the next holiday, or the next big event in my life. Time seemed to move so slowly.
As I’ve gotten older I have learned to saviour each step along the way. Each Ironman build up with the squad we start out with sixteen weeks to go, it seems like we have lots of time. Missing the odd session comes easy for some, others know that every session is important and make sure they nail …

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We all remember our first love, it’s such an exciting time in our lives. There’s something so exciting about the first one that keeps us searching for that same feeling on into the future.
For a coach the first athlete we help to qualify for Hawaii is a special memory. Anyone who has qualified knows how hard it is to get there. Every year we seem to have to go faster in every age group to achieve it. Also anyone who has ever qualified knows how deep you have to dig. …

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Most of the athletes I have contact with are training for Ironman and Half Ironman events. They race all other distances, and do well at those distances, but the greatest majority of them are attracted to my squad to improve their Ironman performance. There’s not a lot of chance of achieving that elusive Kona qualifying spot if you’re training with a bunch of guys who turn every training ride into a race.
You can’t fly like an eagle if you roost with the turkeys. You have to train specifically for the …

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Not every decision a leader makes is going to be popular, in fact most decisions have the ability to annoy someone in the group. Leaders are not meant to be loved, but they are to be respected. It’s a lonely life for a leader who longs to be loved by everyone. A good leader should be prepared to do whatever he asks someone else to do.
Leadership starts from the front. There has to be a heartfelt responsibility to set an example, to establish a way of doing things, an attitude …

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We all know how being around some people drag you down. There are some people I will not spend time with. It’s not my job to lift them up, in fact the chronically negative people actually don’t want to be lifted. Some people actually drain your energy.   In the Harry Potter movies there were characters called “Dementors”, they’d suck the joy and energy out of you. These are not the people to share with when you travel away to a race.
By time you stand at the start line, …

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We’ve all heard, “good intentions are no substitute for action”. How many New Years resolutions are still being practised in March or April?
I’ve met a lot of athletes who have dreamt big, told me what they want to achieve, but when we get a couple of months into the program they find little things to fit into their lives which handicap them. The goals are not my goals, they choose them. Dreaming big is great, but we have to back it up with action. In fact the ones who hold …